동북아시아문화학회 회장 김창경

Dear members of the Association of North-East Asian Cultures,

This is Chang Gyeong Kim from Pukyong National University, which has taken on heavy responsibilities from the Association of North-East Asian Cultures. First of all, happy new year for 2019 golden pig. This year marks 21st anniversary the Association of North-East Asian Cultures.

It was founded in July 1998, with the aim of exploring various discourse chapters centered on culture in Northeast Asia, and further analyzing aspects of cultural exchange in Northeast Asia to build the Northeast Asian Cultural Community. We have been promoting academic exchange activities with universities and institute at home and abroad, mainly for the six-minute president, including first president Nam Chu Kang (a former President at PKNU). In the meantime, over 3,000 papers have been published at ours at home and abroad academic conferences, and based on this, we have achieved academic performances such as publishing Journal of Northeast Asian Cultures, KCI. I am so pleased to be 7th president, on the other hand, I feel burdened by the major I take on. However, I will do my best to meet the expectations of the members who gave me an important role as a president.

First, we will do our best to improve the status of the Association of North-East Asian Cultures
We will look back on the past activities and history and clarify the academic status and social position of Journal of Northeast Asian Cultures.

Second, we will open an active forum for discussion by holding academic conference at home and abroad.
Based on academic conference for the past 20 years, we will endeavor to contribute to the cultural development of Northeast Asia, and we will also create a place to promote exchange and cooperation with related societies.

Third, we will focus on promoting the Association of North-Easa Asian Cultures and managing members.
We will share with the members of the press public relations about hosting domestic and foreign academic conferences, publishing journal articles, and conducting academic conferences. In addition, we will focus on member management to ensure the development of the society and smooth activities.

The Executive Department of the Association of North-East Asian Cultures, including me, will do our best to develop the society under these plans. We ask for your kind advice, warm encouragement and support for the development of the Association of North-East Asian Cultures.