Call for the Paper of 70th North-east Asian Cultural Studies
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Call for the Paper of 70th
North-east Asian Cultural Studies



‘The Association of North-east Asian Cultures’ that publishes the Academic Journal Listed in NRF is seeking papers on 70th North-east Asian Cultural Studies which is going to be issued on 31th MAR, 2022.

Cleck here!!  A published paper 

  ❙Guidelines for Applicants  

1. Submission Deadline: 06th FER, 2022


2. A Field of Research: A Comparison between North-east Asian Countries

※ If your paper is not congruous with the purpose of academic journal, It would be returned to you following to the editors’ decision


Guidelines for Paper Submission

1. Type of paper and method used for writing manuscript:

See Information,


2. Submitting Papers:

Only Online,


3. Membership Fee

Entrance: 10,000 Won (New Member)

Annual: 20,000 Won (January 2022)

Thesis Examination: 60,000 Won

Account Number: 705-01-132710


Account Holder: 신종대-학회재무이사


※ We start the examination, after checking these payment deposits are confirmed, for transparent financial management of the Association.


4. Any Question: ‘The Association of North-east Asian Cultures’


이전글 第70輯 『東北亜文化研究』の投稿案内..
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