pISSN: 1598-3692

동북아 문화연구, Vol.69 (2021)






This study mainly focuses on the continuous development of new media technology in the intelligent era, which is changing the pattern of media ecology and has a multi-directional impact on host communication. Starting with the elaboration of the relationship between audio-visual new media and host communication, this paper puts forward that the broadcasting host art, as an information communication form based on art, should develop a new theory of new media host art, then analyzes the theoretical construction basis of audio-visual new media host communication, and discusses the development trend of new media host communication, Finally, it puts forward four main characteristics of audio-visual new media hosting communication, which provides a more solid foundation for the development of broadcasting hosting art theory and practice. Once as an important communication mode of radio and television media, the host communication is showing new characteristics in the new media environment, especially in the intelligent media environment, and its development trend and composition pattern are also quietly changing. Due to the development of 5g and other new communication technologies, AI virtual anchor has also joined the sequence of new formats of hosting communication, and the change of hosting communication subject will inevitably bring relevant hot research. With the continuous development of media form, the host's work must also make appropriate changes to meet the new needs brought by the new environment, new technology and new methodology. The lag of the development of host communication theory does not match the development pattern of the great change of media ecology. How to keep up with the rapid iteration of new media formats in the intelligent era and provide clearer guidance for the benign development of host communication in the changing situation requires more practical and effective actions in the construction of new media host communication theory.
  스마트 시대,뉴미디어,사회자,전달,상호작용,智能时代,新媒体,主持人,传播,互动

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