pISSN: 1598-3692

동북아 문화연구, Vol.69 (2021)

A Comparative Study on Han Chinese and Korean Chinese Undergraduates’ English Ability to Express Chinese Culture in EFL Classes

Li, Guihua

(Associate Professor, College of Foreign Languages, Yanbian Universiy)

Dengting Boyanton

(President, Sino-American Educational Research Association (S-AERA).)

This comparative study investigated 64 Han Chinese and Korean Chinese undergraduates in China on their English ability to express Chinese culture and their perceptions of Chinese culture and of cultural integration in EFL teaching in China. Descriptive statistics and Mann Whitney U test were used for data analysis on the cultural test and questionnaire. Results revealed college students' deficiency in expressing Chinese culture in English, Han Chinese performing more competently than Korean Chinese in general whether in Chinese mainstream culture-loaded vocabulary, Chinese minority culture-loaded vocabulary or cultural writing. Chinese mainstream culture-loaded vocabulary might boost cultural writing to a certain extent. The students' perceptions of Chinese culture, in respect of knowledge, skills and motivation, indicated that Han Chinese students responded more positively than Korean Chinese both in Chinese mainstream culture and Chinese minority culture. The students' perceptions of the integration of Chinese culture in EFL classes showed that all students agreed that the cultural content in teachers‘ instruction and textbooks were still English-culture centered, without effectively integrating Chinese culture into EFL teaching, with Chinese minority culture ignored. In terms of the integration of Chinese culture in students' presentation in EFL classes, significantly more Korean Chinese selected minority culture, exactly their own culture, as their topic than Han Chinese. Based on these findings, suggestions were put forward for the improvement of students' English ability to express Chinese culture, effective cultural instruction and promotion of students' intercultural communication and their contribution to the unity of all ethnic groups, such as improvement of students' English ability, students' correct perception and awareness of Chinese culture. and conscious and effective integration of Chinese mainstream culture and minority culture in EFL teaching.
  영어 구사 능력,중국 주류 문화,소수민족 문화,한족 대학생,조선족 대학생,EFL 과정

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