pISSN: 1598-3692

동북아 문화연구, Vol.64 (2020)

중국사립대학교 한국어교육 현황 및 활성화 방안


(중국 상하이 삼달대학교(上海杉达学院) 조선어학과 부교수.)

Regular courses for Korean Language in China have been established in some private universities, which were only a few before the Chinese Economic Reform and has rapidly increased since the Education Reform in 1992. Chinese universities running Korean language department once have reached 84 but recently has been reduced to 59 : 40 of general universities and 19 junior colleges. Great number of students who finished the courses have contributed to regional economic growth and bilateral exchanges. However, despite the encouraging outcomes of the language education, private universities in China have been facing practical difficulties with little government aid and lower ranking performances. Under the circumstances, Korean language programs in private universities have been seriously disrupted, especially in recruiting students, setting up curriculum, international exchanges, and training teachers. The situation has been getting worse since Seoul-Beijing relations became sour couple of years ago due to the controversial disposition of US weapons. But Korean language education in China would be rehabilitated in the near future as Korean speaking Chinese will play a crucial role as bridges linking the two neighboring countries, with mutual economic and cultural exchanges unavoidable. In order to raise professionals managing composite applications, Chinese universities need to renovate curriculum, vitalize international exchanges, and develop intense Korean training programs, responding to the upcoming era. So far, issues on Korean language education in China have been discussed centering national universities, while researches on actual conditions specific to private schools, accounting for one third of all universities, haven’t made sufficient progress. This paper investigates current situation and tries to understand problems in Korean language programs in Chinese private universities. Consequently, the study suggests possible solutions to the problems and seeks Korean training activation plans available. It would be encouraging, if this study could play a minor role in progressing Korean language education in China.
  중국 사립대학교; 한국어교육; 현황; 문제점; 활성화 방안;Chinese Private Universiy; Korean Language Education; Current; problem; promotional measures

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