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동북아 문화연구, Vol.64 (2020)

한일 독도 영유권과 어업문제 연구 : 샌프란시스코 강화조약 전후시기를 중심으로


(부경대학교 국제지역학부 겸임교원.)

The confrontation between Korea and Japan over Dokdo Island's sovereignty continues to this day. However, it has been over 70 years since the liberation from Japan to reclaim the stolen territory. It also raises questions about the basis for Japan to claim Dokdo Island as their territory. One of the reasons is that Dokdo Island was not contained in the territory of Korea that Japan should give up in the contents of the San Francisco Peace Treaty. And this is the basis that Japan keep claiming Dokdo Island’s sovereignty. Meanwhile, Japan's expansion of fishing zones immediately after the signing of the San Francisco Peace Treaty was a major threat to Korean fishing workers. Naturally, the Korean government tried to come up with a countermeasure. This was directly related to Dokdo Island's territorial sovereignty, accelerating friction with Japan. If so, there is a natural interest in how Korea and Japan’s Dokdo Island dispute and the fisheries issues are connected to each other. And also it is necessary to find out how did Korean government resist against expansion of Japanese fishing territory after the San Francisco Peace Treaty. Therefore, this research is focusing on the period before and after the San Francisco Peace Treaty, which signed in September 1951, to find out how the international recognition of Korea's sovereignty over Dokdo Island is frustrated and what was the countermeasure of Korean government against Japan’s illegal fishing on the Korean Peninsula. In order to progress this research subject, the researcher will use related book, thesis and internet material.
  독도; 어업; 샌프란시스코 강화조약; 맥아더라인; 평화선;Dokdo Island; Fisheries; San Francisco Peace Treaty; MacArthur line; Peace line

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