pISSN: 1598-3692

동북아 문화연구, Vol.60 (2019)

唐代 書僧의 書藝와 書藝詩


(영남대학교 중국언어문화학과 교수)

This study analyzed monk calligraphers’ calligraphy and poems on calligraphy in the Tang Dynasty. In this regard, this study made a general introduction of monk calligraphers in the Tang Dynasty, and then extracted the poems on their calligraphy and categorized them into calligraphy poems. Further, this study selected and analyzed the poems on calligraphy written by monk calligraphers since the Tang Dynasty, and investigated the later evaluation of monk calligraphers in the Tang Dynasty. In the early and middle Tang Dynasty, most of the poems were written by literary men about monk calligraphers’ calligraphy, while, in the middle and late Tang Dynasty, quite a number of poems were written by monk poets about monk calligraphers’ calligraphy. The closer the Tang Dynasty was to the middle and late period, the greater the number of monk poets with great poetic skills was. It can be said that monk calligraphers’ calligraphy received much attention from monk poets as well as literary men. As for calligraphic script styles other than Cursive script, there are only 2 poems that Huangtao(黃滔) and Qiji(齊己) wrote about Seal script and Clerical script. Monk calligraphers’ poems on calligraphy are all related to Cursive script. This shows that poems related to Cursive script occupies the absolute majority of monk calligrapher’s poems on calligraphy. This reflects the fact that most of the famous monk calligraphers in the Tang Dynasty, including Huaisu(懷素), Gaoxian(高閑), and Bianguang(䛒光), were excellent in Cursive script. What made monks so closely related to Cursive script? It seems to have been due to the influence and praise of Zhiyong(智永), a famous monk calligrapher who mastered Cursive script in the early Tang Dynasty, and the trend of the times that Cursive script in the early Tang Dynasty created by Zhang Xu(張旭) was remarkably developed. These poems on calligraphy in the Tang Dynasty had a great influence on later poems on calligraphy since the Tang Dynasty, with the Cursive script of monk calligraphers excellent in Cursive script having a particular influence on later Cursive script.
  Monk Calligrapher; Poems on Calligraphy; Huaisu; Gaoxian; Bianguang;書僧; 書藝詩; 懷素; 高閑; 䛒光

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