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동북아 문화연구, Vol.60 (2019)

전근대 부산포 초량왜관의 해양교류 양상 - 일본선 부산포 입항사례를 중심으로(1689-1691) -


(부경대학교 인문사회대학 사학과 교수)

This study attempts to examine the Ocean Interchange between Dongnaebu and Tshushima-Han in the pre-modern age. Some people said that Busanpo of Dongnaebu was very the solitary and the quite fishing village, after opening port by Japan the modernization of Busan was achieved in the Japanese colonial period. But it was different with the facts. Reading the dairies of Choryang Oeguan Leader, Busanpo was a very busy harbor which was visiting with many ships of Tshushima-Han. For examples many ships of Tshushima-Han came and went between Tshushima and Busanpo in the late 17th century. The number of visiting of ships of Tshushima-Han were 57 times in 1689 year, and 65 times in 1690 year, 58 times in 1691 year. In other words, the average number of visiting of ships of Tshushima-Han were about 4 times or five times in every a month. Therefore the official men of Dongnaebu and Choryang Oeguan were very busy with handling diplomatic business of ships entering and clearing in Busanpo. The ships of Tshushima-Han were divided three kinds such Bisen and Goyitobune and Segoensen, Segoensen ship is the most typical ship visiting from Japan to Korea in pre-modern ages. Segoensen ships were consisted of 18 kinds, every Segoensen ship visited from two to three times every year. The captains of Segoensen were changed every time in entering to Busanpo, they could not own the ship. When the visiting times of Bisen ship increased, the visiting times of Segoensen ship were decreased a little in 1691 year. The marine accidents of ships of Tshushima-Han were occurred frequently in visiting Busanpo, the cause of the accidents was came from the direction of wind. The marine accidents of ships were anchored such harbors which was called Gijang and Namcheon and Dadaepo and Gadeukdo and Goegedo and others. The network systems of solving the marine accidents were formed between Dongnaebu and Tshushima, the officials of two countries were contacted intimately and closely for rapid rescue.
  해양교류; 쓰시마번의 선박; 쓰시마번의 선장; 부산포의 해난; 초량왜관 관수일기;Ocean Interchange; the ship of TshushimaHan; the captain of Tshushima-Han; the marine accident of Busanpo; The dairy of Choryang Oeguan Leader

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