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동북아 문화연구, Vol.60 (2019)

중국 다롄의 한국인과 일본인 사회에 대한 비교 연구


(나가사키대학 다문화사회학부 객원연구원)

The aim of this study is to review the characteristics of immigration and negotiation in Northeast Asia in Globalization era by comparative analysis between Korean and Japanese community in the Chinese coastal city. I conducted the fieldwork in Dalian, Liaoning Province from 2013 to 2016. The results could be summarized into the four categories. First, I looked at the characteristics and pending issues of Korean and Japanese community in China through the previous research. The keywords of Korean society study included national ethnic relationships and social mobility. Those of Japanese were gender, generation, self-initiated expatriates, and active migration. All these were constructed during the processes in which business companies extended to China were trying to continue the corporate culture of one’s home country cheaply, and had flexibilities in the labor market as their backgrounds. Second, I examined the growth and shrinkage of economical space. Investment and bankruptcy of STX in Dalian affected the growth and reduction of Korean Society definitely. Otherwise, the Japanese had an overwhelming influence in Dalian economy. Although the scale of Japanese society was reduced because of political conflicts between China and Japan, the importance of Dalian as a mediator between two countries is growing more. Third is about change and response of the social space. The life of immigrants was unstable ones that affected directly by the fluctuation of global, national and local scale. Thus, the representative organizations of immigrants were carrying out many activities to show that they were members of local society. Finally, there were individuals who acted as intermediaries throughout the community. Those had a legal foreigner status and strong tendency to stay. The role of Korean-Chinese as a mediator between both Korean and Japanese society was important.
  지구화; 다롄; 한국인사회; 일본인사회; 비교연구;globalization; Dalian; Korean Community; Japanese Community; comparative study

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